A Long Walk Home; Piper Landen

Hello Fellow Readers!

I know, another book that has to do with a dog, well I like animals okay!?

Title: A Long Walk Home
Author: Piper Landen
Genre: Romance, Animals
Publication Date: Dec. 27th 2016
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Favorite Character: Baloo
Least Favorite Character: Baloo’s old family
Wear to read: The dog park

This was a was easy and quick read for me. Casey life is pretty much a routine that doesn’t get broken, suddenly she finds a dog running loose. Being the good person Casey is she takes the dog home and contacts the shelter. She then decides to foster Baloo (he was named by the shelter). She also meets Charlie while he was jogging and this also changes her routine as well. 
Casey has so much anxiety about everything that I almost felt like I was getting anxiety reading about it, while I knew what Casey was going through and I’m glad they addressed it towards the end of the book. Mental health is important and this is what made me bring the book up to 3 stars. Besides that this is a pretty predictable story, and Casey constantly second guessing herself and self-sabotaging her relationship with Charlie stopped me from truly enjoying the book. I wanted to scream at her to just take a breath. I am really glad everything worked out in the end and the depiction of how rescues work was well done.  


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