Fangirl_15; Aimee Roseland

Hello Fellow Readers,

So today I have another book review for you (Courtesy of Netgalley). Today’s review is on Fangirl_15 by Aimee Roseland a new Adult title that was released in June of 2014.

Fangirl_15 Synopsis 

Chloe is in love with Lucien.
He’s enigmatic, compassionate, generous and intelligent. Likes classical music just as much as kicking ass and knows his way around a kitchen, though he’d never admit it. His Samurai swords are an extension of his personality and a lifetime of heartache has taught him to wield them unfailingly. He’s gorgeous yet humble and can’t see past his own scars. Lucien feels deeply for his chosen family and is absolutely worthy of love.
Sounds perfect, right?
The only problem is that Lucien is a character in a novel.’

So this is the first book from ‘New Adult’ genre that I have read (I actually didn’t even know that it existed before this book). So let me just say right now that I did not expect to love this book, I had picked this because, despite the weird cover and unusual name, the synopsis caught my eye. This book completely enthralled me in some sort of spell so much so that I couldn’t put it down and finished it in two days! It grabbed a hold of my imagination and spoke to the fan girl in me. Roseland’s writing style is witty and with a little quirk that speaks of today’s modern society. The book is full of pop culture references that made me giggle.

Roseland made her main character, Chloe, completely likable. Chloe a recluse who finds herself feeling closer to the characters in her beloved Dark Riders series than anyone in real life finds herself sucked into the book. Most of the time when I read a book like this the characters acts as if this happens to them everyday and they don’t have the ‘freak-out’ any normal person would have. Chloe on the other hand reacted exactly how I would have reacted.

Overall I highly recommend this book to any daydreaming book lover whose imagination completely runs away with them.

About The Author

Aimee Roseland is a bit of a storytelling recluse from Nevada. She has written two series, Bar’axus Bridge chronicles which features three books and the Beneath the veil which is larger at six books, before writing her new book; Fangirl_15

You can visit Aimee Roseland Blog HERE and her Author Page HERE. You can also purchase a copy of Fangirl_15 from Amazon HERE.



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